Terms & Conditions

Floor Sanding Terms and Conditions


  • If building work is being carried out an assessment will be made as to when the floor should be refurbished, as it should normally be the last of the works to be completed.

  • It is the client's responsibility to remove any existing floor coverings, so that the floor can be viewed in full. We reserve the right to charge for any extra remedial works or repairs that may be deemed necessary due to the area not being fully viewed prior to sanding works being carried out.

  • The floor must be clear from all other trades and must be completely clear of all debris prior to start of floor sanding works.

  • It is the customer’s responsibility to clear the room of all furniture and any building materials prior to work commencing. We will accept no responsibility for any damage to any items of furniture not cleared by the client.

  • Areas may be sanded prior to all tradesmen having finished their work...HOWEVER IT IS NOT our responsibility to protect the floor from this point.

  • Return visits for repairs to a damaged floor will be charged for.

  • Part completion of work is possible BUT strictly by agreement beforehand only.

  • We reserve the right to adapt any specifications of our work methods and materials used, as we see fit.

  • Our working week is from Monday - Friday, weekend working will need to be agreed with us prior to commencement of works.

  • The greatest of care will be taken to protect the walls and skirting's, but we accept no responsibility for any damage caused during the sanding process, and any subsequent cost involved in repair or redecoration.

  • Please note that when sanding existing wooden floors, any surface stains such as paint, carpet adhesives, fruit juices, wine or watermarks may have soaked below the surface of the timber and may not be removed during the sanding process.


Please note that this procedure will not produce an "as new" floor. 
It cannot be guaranteed that the following will be removed:

  • Deep scratches and marks

  • Uneven wear

  • Ingrained dirt and stains

  • Severe indentations

  • Non-compatible seals from previous refurbishment works.


  • Any subsequent gapping of the floor that requires extra filling will be charged for.

  • Gaps may open up naturally over time due to the expansion/contraction of the wood.

  • Filling in floorboards may dislodge over time due to the natural movement of wooden floors.


  • We reserve the right to override stain specifications to ensure stain and seal compatibility.

  • Once the colour has been agreed, any subsequent changes may be charged for.

  • Absolute matches are not possible.

  • Stain colour will vary according to timber species.

  • Complete uniformity when staining a floor is not possible.

  • Staining can only be applied to bare timber.

  • Scratches that penetrate the seal and stain will show the original timber colour.

  • Stains will produce a similar colour to a wood species, BUT NOT a similar grain or pattern.

  • Due to the way the stain is applied to your floor, the skirting boards may be marked during the staining phase of the process, MG Wood Flooring Ltd cannot be held liable for marking or redecoration.

5. SEALING. [Lacquer or Oil]

  • Lacquers are usually touch dry in approx. 2-3 hrs, Oils in 8-12 hrs, it is the clients responsibility to arrange as necessary so as to avoid contact with seals during drying times.

  • Seal application by hand is not always uniform HOWEVER: Our utmost care and attention will be taken to produce the best possible finish on your wooden floor.

  • Adequate ventilation must be made available during the application and drying of the seal. This may mean that windows may need to be left open. The responsibility of securing the site, once seals have been applied, is solely down to the customer or site representative.

  • The floor should be protected after sealing so that no traffic comes into contact with the floor until the project is handed over.

  • Please note that seal/varnish curing times must be adhered to before the floors are put back into full use, 72hrs is the normal curing time for quality lacquers.

  • We do NOT replace any furniture after the completion of any refurbishment, as the seal must be left to fully cure.

  • All furniture etc. should be protected from coming into direct contact with the floor to avoid any marking or scratching, we advise the 'lifting and placing' of furniture being put back into rooms.

7. DUST.

  • The sanding process will produce small levels of dust.

  • We are recognized in the industry to have approx. 95% of all dust capture.

  • On completion of the sanding process, and at certain intermissions, vacuuming of the dust from the floor will take place, usually 4 or 5 times daily.



  • Once the seal is dry the area should be subject to light traffic only for the first 72 hours.

  • Floor coverings should only be replaced once the curing time has been observed.

  • Turning on the central heating in a property can slightly accelerate the drying times and curing of the seal after it is applied.

  • Care must be taken when moving furniture back onto the refurbished floor, 'Lift and Place' furniture as much as possible. DO NOT DRAG ITEMS OF FURNITURE.

  • Full traffic to the area should only be resumed once full curing has taken place.

  • We cannot take any responsibility for any damage to the floor once refurbishment has been completed.

  • Any workmanship/finishing issues a client has with our work must be reported within 72 hours


  • Sanding machines require 240v in ready supply, it is the client’s responsibility to ensure their power supply is in appropriate working condition when works are undertaken by us.


  • We highly recommend maintaining your floor with professional maintenance products at ALL times, these are readily available from the leading manufacturers such as Bona, Junckers, Osmo and Tretex.


  • We are unable to remove and dispose of the waste materials generated by the Floor Sanding processes. Waste materials will be left on-site, tidily, in strong black bin bags.


  • Payment is kindly requested 7 days after the issue of the invoice.